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Hex'n'Ace eeeee

livii in hex_rated

undiscussed audios!

Sorry to post here two times in a row...I was just on the BF site, however, because now that I finally finished my version of Hex's backstory, I wanted to grab Project: Destiny. While looking, I saw they released three straight Hex stories last fall/winter! I don't keep up well with Big Finish so I was really surprised. And then I was sad, because I haven't seen anyone discussing them here. Obviously I don't want to read spoilers, but, have you all heard these three audios? (The other two are A Death in the Family and Lurkers at Sunlight's Edge). Did you like them? Hate them? Indifferent? Inquiring minds want to know!

When I manage to listen to them all I will post back again with my thoughts. It's been ages since I've really been fannish about Hex, but digging out that old fic made me excited again. :)


I liked them all because they had Hex in them, heh.

Project: Destiny was a good resolution to the Angel of Scutari, I thought. I'm still debating on whether or not it was a good ending to the particular arc. I think I've got to listen again to tell for sure.

A Death in the Family made me bawl my eyes out, but I'd missed the previous story introducing a certain villain so I was very confused for most of it (note: listen to 45 prior to listening to avoid WHO?!?! They do WHAT?!?! confusion).

Lurkers at Sunlight's Edge was a bit meh. It's good as a run of the mill adventure story and the identity of the baddy kept me guessing, but I was sort of expecting more fall out from what had gone on previously.
I liked them all because they had Hex in them, heh.

Haha, I can buy that for sure!

Glad to hear they were all at least decent. I bought them but am not sure when I'll find time to listen to them...hopefully sometime soonish.

Btw, I love your icon! :D

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Ha, I'm at least as out of it as you are. I think I heard about those audios a while ago (before release) but then forgot all about that news. I am terribly far behind in listening to just about everything! I'll probably either seek out spoilers (or come across them in fic) because I get around to hearing those audios anyway. I have so much to listen to, figuring out where to start is a daunting task.
Yeah, I absolutely can't keep up with Big Finish. I'm just not into audios enough, as much as I almost always like what I hear. I'm going to try to make a point of listening to these three...I've been doing more cardio at the gym, but listening to audios isn't always enough to keep me motivated, and that's about the only free time I have!

I wish there was fic to find out spoilers from!! (PS not that I'm begging or anything, but you saw I posted Hexfic, right? Haha, I just have to ask because my readership possible size is so small). ;)
I've decided I'm just going to jump in and start listening. If I keep thinking about how far behind I am, I'll never get anywhere. I have Project: Destiny set for later today (Saturday), then I'll move on to the other two recent Hex stories ASAP. And I'll read your fic this weekend as well, in keeping with the Hex theme!
I listened to them when they came out (posted on Project: Destiny in October, so you can read my thoughts there). I can't say I liked "A Death in the Family" - I quit listening when I found out how long it had been for Ace. Couple in the fact that I've never liked the Word Lord, and you see why I just didn't care. Later, I read about it playing out differently, but just wasn't interested enough to listen to the rest. I just really dislike the Word Lord and wasn't into the audio from the start.

"Lurkers At Sunlight's Edge" had some nice Hex bits, I liked Ace trying to save the guy at the end, but it's one I listed to twice and then never again (unlike some audios I've listen to a dozen or more times and unlike those I've intentionally skipped - just the thought of "The Boy that Time Forgot" makes me spitting mad).

On the whole the trilogy is about par for Seventh Doctor audios for me. I love Hex, but the Seventh Doctor audios are well behind the Fifth and Sixth Doctor ones for me. I like Nocturne, I love Live 34. The Dark Husband and The Harvest aren't bad, and I really do like Hex parts of The Angel of Scutari. Most of the rest are so-so or worse to me.