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Thomas Hector Schofield

he's never been this far away from home

Hex Rated - A Community for Hex Schofield Fans
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A fan community for Thomas Hector "Hex" Schofield (a Big Finish 'Doctor Who' audio companion)
This is a community for fans of Thomas Hector 'Hex' Schofield: nurse at St Gart's Hospital in 2021, adventurer, flirt, sleuth and companion of the Seventh Doctor and Ace in the Big Finish audios. Though he's a perfectly decent young gentleman (as portrayed by the rather nice Philip Olivier), he's a man with a sad (and mysterious) past.

Fanfic, icons, art, fanmixes, meta, speculation, anything you've got related to Hex, it's all welcome. For more info, see Big Finish Productions.

Simple rules:

1. For art or icons, please use an lj-cut for anything large or for more than three icons. For fic, please use a header that includes an appropriate rating and any necessary warnings, and lj-cut for anything longer than 100 words.

2. All types of fic are allowed here, from gen to het to slash (to femslash, if you can work it!) Please read accordingly, and be sure to note the ratings, as some may contain adult content.

3. Have fun - and that includes no character bashing or anything else that might be unpleasant.

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Thanks to redscharlach for the community name and default icon.
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